Volunteers Needed

Come join our unique program!

Westside Youth Athletics provides an experience that is not just for the players, but for the entire family. Parents are included in every aspect of our program, they are on our board and many are involved as coaches, team parents, fundraising and more. We are a community and it has always been our belief that the more families participate, the more fulfilling the experience is for their child.

Because volunteers are an essential part of making our program a success, we require that parents actively be involved with the program or with their team. Each family must volunteer at least a minimum of 4 hours during the season, but we highly recommend that you help more if you can.

Below is just a sampling of ways you can volunteer:

  • Coach
    • While experience playing football and coaching youth sports is certainly desired, experience isn’t necessary, just a love for the game and a love for teaching kids in a manner that is build on a foundation of a positive environment,motivation, practice planning and safety. Register for coaching when you register your child.
  • Team Parent
    • This is a season long commitment. You are the primary liaison between the coaching staff, parents and league. It will be your job to pass important information on games, practices and other meetings to all the parents.
  • Field Greeter
    • For all of our home games, each team will need one volunteer to represent Westside Youth Athleticsto all our visiting teams. The Field/Court Greeter’s job will be greet visitors as they enter the stadium and show the teams where they can warm up, what side of the field/court they go to and where check-ins take place.
  • Chain Gang & Yard Marker
    • These are the best 3 seats in the house. For every away Footballgame, each team will need 3 volunteers to move the first down chains and the yard marker. It’s easy and fun and puts you right on the field for your game.
  • Field/Court Management
    • Each Saturday during the season we are responsible for setting up the field/court, maintaining it throughout the day and clean-up/take down at the end of the day. Ideally each team that plays home games that day will have parent support in coordinating this.
  • Team Filmer
    • Every team at every level needs to have their games filmed so that our coaches can see what the teams are doing right and where they need improvement. Sit up high, tape the game and hand the tape to coach when it’s over. All home and away games need to be filmed.
  • And much more…….

If you are interested in finding out more about the volunteer opportunitiesĀ Please fill out this form and we will contact you soon.